Monday, August 08, 2011

Suddenly feeling allergic to your cat or dog? It may be sticky spores not dander...

If you suddenly seem to be sneezing and wheezing whenever your beloved pet comes around there's still reason to hope. The cause may not be cat or dog dander, but the tree and flower spores they're carrying into your home. 
In many parts of the U.S. this year pollen levels have been consistently high, triggering allergic responses even in people who have never before experienced seasonal allergies.
Allergist Dr. Joseph Leija of the Gottlieb Memorial Hospital in Melrose Park, IL suggests you wipe fur and paws with a towel you store in a resealable bag between uses to minimize contamination.

Experts also suggest:

  • Washing hands frequently, especially after handling your pet
  • Changing your clothes and showering when you come in from outdoors
  • Leaving shoes at the front door to avoid tracking in pollen  
  • Using an air purifier for allergies to reduce airborne contaminants indoors
  • Using your dryer instead of line-drying clothes 
  • Keeping windows closed 
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