Friday, August 26, 2011

Next time she’s asking for diamonds – buy her a candle?

Candlelight - romantic diamonds
or source of harmful toxins?
Scientists  have discovered that about 1.5 million tiny diamond nanoparticles are created every second as a candle burns.

The researchers from the University of St Andrews also found the diamond particles in tests on natural gas and wood flames.

“Unfortunately the diamond particles are burned away in the process, and converted into carbon dioxide, but this will change the way we view a candle flame forever,” explained Prof Wuzong Zhou, who led the research.

This may explain the magical glimmer of candles, but scented candles can burn much more than the tiny diamond particles.

Experts have warned that scented candles introduce harmful indoor air pollutants into your environment.

The smoke produced by many of them is laced with toxins linked to cancer, asthma and eczema, including toluene and benzene.

The odd candle is unlikely to do any harm, but we should avoid using them day after day in bathrooms and other poorly ventilated rooms, researchers say.

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