Tuesday, August 16, 2011

VIDEO: Moms on a mission to draw attention to chemicals in everyday products

(Video starts after a short 15 second commercial)
A group of moms recently took to streets in New York to bring awareness to hidden chemical dangers in common household products.

“For most products, they aren’t labeled at all or if they are labeled, they’re not completely labeled,” Bobbi Chase told CBS 2′s Ann Mercagliano. “We want to know what kind of dangers they might pose before they even go out on the marketplace.”

Moms are not alone when it comes to confusion with chemicals. Doctors said more needs to be done to test the thousands of chemicals we come across in everyday living — like bookshelves or baby products.

“We’re really concerned that we continue to put things in the environment and then wonder decades later whether there’s a potential for human health effects and that’s just not the right principal to be operating under,” said Dr. Maida Galvez, of Mount Sinai’s Environmental Health Center.

“Too often parents are asking us ‘was this product I used harmful to my child?’ And right now burden is on the consumer to figure that out,” she said.

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