Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Animal testing and chemicals

Many household products contain toxic
chemicals that have been tested on animals.
Too many household products contain toxic chemicals – but steps are taken to improve the situation and to protect animals at the same time.

The United Kingdom has made serious advancements toward ending tests of household products on animals, according to a recent article in the International Business Times. 

It is illegal in Britain to test cosmetics or their ingredients on animals, and now the country has made a commitment toward ending household-product tests, where animals are often fed with, injected with or covered with high doses of toxic chemicals to test their reactions.

After meeting with people in the industry, the authorities have drafted a plan that includes the use of more laboratory-grown cultures and computer modeling.

Whether animal testing is banned in your country or not, choosing cruelty-free products and the most natural and chemical-free products available is always a good idea to protect animals as well as your own health and well-being.

With enough demand, maybe toxic chemicals will play a much less important role in cosmetics and household products in the future.

Chemical-free products, chemical-free air

Activated carbon adsorbs a wide
range of common household chemicals.
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