Friday, October 29, 2010

Air Purifier Reviews: Good Air Cleaner for Dog Smell and Pet Odor

AllerAir 5000 Exec - Powerful Odor Control!

This story was posted by Bob from Ohio
"I recently got married and along with that came two very large dogs. With the two larges came an allergy that I did not know that I had, to say nothing about the odor in the bedroom from the dogs. With this new air filter system, the odor is gone and so are the sniffles. What a pleasure."
This story was posted by Sue from Killingly,CT
"We have 4 dogs living in our home with us and keep our purifier in the living room...our multi-level house is approx. 2200 sq. feet and we have NO dog odor at all. People have commented to that fact...we love it!"

AllerAir 6000 Exec Finally Clears the Air!
This story was posted by Kris from Fort Lee, VA:

"We have a small 1000 square foot house, with two dogs (Shar-pei) nicknames Stinky and Binky (real names Lucas & Loxie) I never knew how they could smell until I moved into a smaller house. Then we now have a baby going on 11 months old and diapers are another problem of course.

We bought a special Rubbermaid trashcan the Kind at the hospital to contain the smell, works as long as you don't open it. ($200) and my wife loves to cook seafood, besides my 90 gallon aquarium in the living room didn't help either. So I bought ORECK Air Purifier to help with the smell, yea right ($600+) gone! Then I bought a [...] Special, right special alright $100 gone and an Eden Pure $400 OK, for the bedroom with no traffic. Sharper Image Smalls ones x 3 for $750 Ebay, died or faded was not reliable.

I talked my wife into one more try, using charcoal AllerAir 6000 was the way to go. We found out the hard way. As you can see I was very skeptical at first. Surprised I had to do some assembling wasn't bad, just didn't want to break it. Sturdy, solid and heavy but the wheels make it no problem. The first week I notice a little change in the odor suppressed. But by the second week I did notice a difference, I did have to leave it on setting medium at night. I've placed it right by the dog bed and the trash can in the kitchen and it works. As for the noise level I really don't notice it on with the dogs barking, baby crying, TV on, stereo on, aquarium pumps LOL! I forget it was on. I'm not one to advertise stuff, but I'm returning the favor of the previous comment left by someone with two dogs and it helped me make a decision to buy one. God Bless, Kris"

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