Thursday, August 11, 2011

Health Canada warns of hidden chemicals in certain cleaning products

Some cleaning products
contain harmful chemicals.
Health Canada says some consumer chemical products sold under the brand of Orange TKO Industries are missing mandatory labeling and child-resistant closures.

It says the products contain a level of D-limonene that can be hazardous, especially to kids, if aspiration occurs.

Aspiration happens when the product is coughed up or vomited after being ingested. Small particles of the product can then travel into the lungs and this could lead to lung injury, chemical pneumonia or death.

D-limonene is extracted from citrus fruit and is often used to provide a citrus smell to cleaners and other household chemical products.

The affected products are Super Concentrated Cleaner, Super Concentrated Industrial Cleaner and Orange Pet Power TKO Cleaner.

Health Canada says consumers should stop using the products and dispose of them according to municipal hazardous waste guidelines.

The federal agency has asked Orange TKO Industries to voluntarily recall its products that don't comply with Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations.

The regulations establish classification criteria, labelling and packaging requirements for chemical products, including the display of hazard symbols, warnings, instructions and first-aid treatments, in both official languages.

Certain products also require child-resistant packaging.

Source: The Spec (The Canadian Press)

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