Monday, July 30, 2012

No tan is a good tan

Sun-bathing is actually better for you
than tanning substitutes
First we were told that sun-bathing was bad for our skin, so people starting using tanning salons. Then we were told that tanning beds caused more harmful UV rays than did the sun at high noon, so people turned to tanning lotions.

Now studies tell us to stop that too.

Though there is no evidence that these self-tanning products lead to melanoma, research has shown  that the chemicals absorbed by the skin and inhaled from the spray and fumes can in fact have long-term effects.

Tanning lotions are composed of several types of chemicals including the carcinogen formaldehyde, nitrosamines (also considered cancer-causing) and tartrazine (a synthetic yellow dye that is known to cause skin irritations).

Side effects may include reduced fertility, diabetes, cancer and obesity. Pregnant women also expose their children to these chemicals, which can result in birth defects.

Source: The MedGuru

Sunbathing is the better option

If you’re afraid you’re turning pasty and the prospect of tanning is just too good to pass up, your best bet is to get some real sun. Though extended exposure will still have negative consequences, it is still the safer option.

 How to protect your home from chemical toxins

Though it would be easy to just go home and throw out your tanning lotions, there are many other cosmetics and cleaning products that include some of the ingredients listed above. Some are more difficult to do without than others. 

Take the time to go through the products you use most often, and find greener options to replace them with. It is also a good idea to get an air purifier to clean your home when some of these products are used.

AllerAir's numerical series of air purifiers
(4000, 5000, 6000)

Though many chemicals are diffused outdoors, they tend to hang around indoors. An activated carbon filtered air purifier will adsorb the chemicals, rending your home safer and healthier.

Do you use self-tanning lotions? Will you continue to do so now that you know the side-effects? Tell us what you think!

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