Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mold and chemical allergies: From mild symptoms to serious life impact

Debilitating mold allergies and chemical sensitivities
are on the rise, numbers show.
Allergies to mold spores and chemicals are on the rise - and they are driving some sufferers to stay in tents or on balconies year round.

Even tiny amounts of mold spores or low levels of chemical exposure can cause reactions in these people, leading to symptoms such as disabling pain, numbness, bleeding of the mouth, headaches and more.

In some cities, health officials have started taking notice and are trying to find solutions to these "mold refugees".

In many cases, living or working in a mold-infested environment for a prolonged period of time caused the allergies or sensitivities to appear, and in extreme cases, people can lose their jobs, homes and belongings trying to manage the condition.

Treatments and assistance are hard to come by, since the medical community has not yet acknowledged the existence of such a condition and make an official diagnosis possible
Those suffering from mold allergies and chemical sensitivities blame construction methods and exposure to chemicals, which makes the mold spores produce toxins that triggers their reactions.
Source: Helsingin Sanomat

Air purifiers for mold, allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities

Good indoor air quality can make a major difference in the health and well-being of those who are sensitive to mold and chemicals.

AllerAir has designed highly efficient air purifiers for multiple chemical sensitivities that come with the a wide range of options and features to bring some relief to people affected by MCS.

5000 D MCS Supreme
The air purifiers feature a deep-bed activated carbon filter for chemicals, gases, odors and even mold mycotoxins, a medical-grade, micro- or Super-HEPA for airborne particles, dust and allergens as well as unbleached organic cotton pre-filters.

A carbon test kit helps MCS sufferers determine which type of activated carbon is the most tolerable for them, and other inert materials include all-metal housing, powder-coated finish on the housing and carbon filter canisters, a burnt-in motor and more.

AllerAir's air purifiers for mold and allergies (especially the AirMedic series) also features inert materials and the most customizable options for maximum protection from indoor air pollutants, including mold spores, particles and allergens.

Contact AllerAir for more information and options.

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