Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Make your home ‘greener’ with the right renovations

Many home renovation projects can lead to
more energy efficient and healthier homes.
Home renovations can have a number of positive effects:
  1. They can address environmental issues such as climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  2. They can lower a home’s operating costs and add value to a home
  3. They can lead to healthier homes and better indoor air quality

Experts suggest working with professional renovators, if homeowners don’t have the time, know-how or interest to do the work themselves.

A green renovation project is characterized by three main factors: Increasing energy and water efficiency, ensuring clean indoor air and using resource-smart materials and products.

The most effective renovation jobs that can significantly increase energy and water efficiency include
  • Replacing or upgrading a home’s heating system with high-efficiency equipment
  • Installing new windows
  • Upgrading light fixtures and bulbs to compact fluorescent, halogen and LED lights
  • Getting more energy efficient water-heating equipment when the time comes
  • Replacing old appliances with energy efficient models

A home energy assessment from an independent certified evaluator may help homeowners decide which projects need to be tackled first.

In some areas, homeowners can also apply for certain grants or financial incentives for energy-wise upgrades.

Keep indoor air quality in mind

When making homes more energy efficient and airtight, it is important to consider the indoor air quality, which can be affected by mold, chemicals and other pollutants, experts warn.

Homes are a system, and changing one part of it can have an impact on other parts.

After certain renovations, homes may need additional ventilation.

Using non-toxic and low-VOC products can also help prevent pollutants from building up inside.

Source: Regina Leader-Post

Air purifiers to improve indoor air quality
AllerAir's 5000 series and
6000 series contain powerful
room air purifiers.

Even with the best intentions, indoor air pollution is a common concern in homes and buildings and can affect people’s health and well-being.

A room air purifier  with activated carbon and HEPA can help provide cleaner and healthier air on a 24/7 basis.

AllerAir offers powerful general purpose air purifiers for the home and office as well as the most efficient specialized units for IAQ concerns such as mold, allergies and asthma, multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), tobacco smoke and more.

Have you renovated your home recently and noticed a difference in your air quality? We’d love to hear your story.

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