Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cleaning out the garage? Keep child safety in mind

An organized garage is safer and healthier.
The garage is a place where a lot of “stuff” accumulates.

Old paint cans, windshield wiper fluid, recreational equipment, tools, and so many other things can easily take over any semblance of organization or functionality.

But because of the the type of products often stored there, which include a lot of chemical and health hazards, organization and functionality are important to make sure the garage is safe – especially for households with children.

Cleaning out the garage regularly is a great way to prevent clutter, according to professional organizers, and homeowners should keep three bins in the garage at all time, labeled “sell”, “recycle” and “throw away.”

By going through the items in the garage every few months and emptying the bin once they get full, you can keep the clutter at bay.

Locking up hazardous materials or chemicals will keep children safe, and it might be a good idea to divide the garage into kid and adult zones as well as gardening, household supplies and auto care sections (or whatever other sections are needed) to make it easier to find things and to keep everything organized.

Keep things that need to be moved regularly (garbage bins, bikes) near the garage door.

Here are some other tips:

  • Get rid of toxic and hazardous materials if you can. Instead, look for non-toxic or alternative products such as low or zero VOC paints, non toxic household supplies and greener fertilizers.
  • Check expiration dates and drop off hazardous household items at drop-off spots or drives.
  • Reorganize the garage so that dangerous tools and products are out of reach of children.
  • Attach cabinets and shelves safely to the walls.

When it comes to paint cans, solvents, chemicals and similar products, the fumes can not only be a hazard in the garage, but they can become a health threat if they make their way into the home.

Making sure that connecting doors are safe and shut tight should be a priority.

Source: The Oregonian

Cleaner air in the home and the garage

Indoor air quality is important, whether it’s in the garage or in the home.

A portable air purifier with activated carbon and HEPA can help remove those airborne chemicals, odors, fumes, particles, allergens, dust, bacteria, viruses and molds that are floating around in the ambient air.

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