Monday, September 19, 2011

The top 10 smoking states in the U.S.

Many people continue to smoke.
Plenty of Americans continue to smoke, no matter how many health warnings, anti-smoking efforts and regulations they encounter.

While many states are now restricting smoking in public places (and even in parks, as in New York state), the addictive habit is not likely to disappear anytime soon.

According to a recent article on, the top 10 smoking states in the US are (in alphabetical order):
  1. Arkansas
  2. Indiana
  3. Kentucky
  4. Louisiana
  5. Mississippi
  6. Missouri
  7. Oklahoma
  8. South Carolina
  9. Tennessee
  10. West Virginia

Not surprisingly, the rates for smoking-related illnesses and deaths are very high in these states.

Smoking has been associated with a wide range of respiratory diseases, cancers and other ailments.

The dangers of smoking
Research has shown that cigarette smoke begins to cause genetic damage within minutes — not years — after inhalation into the lungs.

Smokers not only put themselves at risk, but also the people around them: Secondhand smoke has been shown to be as bad – if not worse – than inhaling the smoke itself.

Some people are even warning about the dangers of third-hand smoke, which describes the harmful chemicals and toxins clinging to walls, furniture and clothing long after the cigarette has been put out.

A recent study talked about on this blog showed that children living with smokers miss more school days than those who do not.

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