Monday, September 26, 2011

Tips to remove common household odors

Get rid of bad smells and odors in your home.
Having a strange smell and not know why or where it’s coming from can drive homeowners crazy.

In fact, in their search to find the cause and eliminate household odors, they can spend a lot of money.

But while sometimes an IAQ specialist’s or a plumber’s help is needed, there are many things homeowners can do to prevent stinky odors.

Air out and maintain little-used rooms
Open the windows or doors to little-used guest rooms and other areas and run the water in little-used bathrooms once a week or more. If they are not used for a long time, the water in the pipes leading to the sewer evaporates and methane-sulfur gases may build up and enter through the drain into the room.

Inspect your rooftop vents
A steady breeze or wind can create positive pressure in rooftop vents, which are supposed to release sewer gas into the air, and force the gas back into the house. The solution is to make the vent pipe long enough to avoid these drafts and let the foul smells escape.

Clean the sink pipe
If you notice a sour smell coming from one drain, it may be due to an obstructed sink pipe (also called P-trap). It may be caused by hair, toothpaste, gel, dirt and other substances. You can either take off the P-trap and clean it out or treat the drain with an enzyme-based cleaner.

Check your water heater
If the water smells bad, it may because of a deteriorating anode rod. They should be replaced every six months to six years.

Ban indoor smoking and get rid of stale smoke odors
Smoke odors tend to cling to carpets, air ducts, walls, furniture etc, so a thorough cleaning may be needed, or you can simply use an air purifier for smoke from AllerAir.

Air out your washing machine
Front-load washers can start to smell musty if you keep the door locked all the time. That’s because water can’t evaporate and mold can grow. The easy solution is to leave the door open when the washer is not in use.

Remove irritating pet odors
Pet urine stains on carpets or floors may release odors if the house gets humid or if the carpet is cleaned. A professional cleaner may use an enzyme cleaner to actually remove the stains.

Air purifiers from AllerAir to
remove odors and chemicals.

Enjoy breathing cleaner, healthier air with AllerAir air purifiers for the home and office, air scrubbers for smoke, air cleaners for allergies and asthma, air purifiers for mold, and more.

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