Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Home office: The ‘modern’ workplace presents its own challenges

A home office needs to be set up
properly to be effective.
As more and more people take advantage of flexible working hours or choose a profession that allows them to work from home, many houses now have a dedicated home office.

But not every home office is conducive to productive work, health and safety experts warn.

In fact, the occupational health and safety obligations that apply to an office workplace also apply to a home work set up.

A home office should have
  • Sufficient light and ventilation
  • A work area free of trip hazards like loose floor boards 
  • Adequate security
Some corporate lawyers even suggest that employers inspect the employee’s premises or have a third party carry out the inspection or have the employee carry out a check list of inspections and modifications.

Both parties need to work together to come to an agreement and to regularly review the home working setup to accommodate changing needs.

Indoor air quality at the home office
A portable air purifier helps create
a beneficial home office environment.

People working from home need to make sure that their home office is set up in a space that is well ventilated and bright, if possible.

Electrical equipment and printers emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other toxins that can be removed with a powerful portable air purifier with many pounds of activated carbon and HEPA.

AllerAir’s 5000 series and 6000 series and AirMedic series air purifiers combine a highly efficient filtration system with a small footprint design.

The air filters are easy to handle and easy to move from place to place, and they remove a wide range of airborne chemicals, gases, odors, particles, bacteria and viruses that may otherwise cause or aggravate respiratory conditions and lead to other health effects.

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