Friday, September 16, 2011

Create a healthy home with a few simple steps

A healthy home starts with healthy IAQ.
Health experts all across North America are warning about the high levels of indoor air pollution affecting the majority of residents – but with a  few small changes and good habits, you can significantly improve the  indoor air quality in your home.

Reduce airborne pollutants
  • Choose low VOC paints and non-toxic renovation materials
  • Use natural cleaning products such as vinegar and lemon juice
  • Avoid commercial “air fresheners” and scented candles/products

Clean your indoor air
  • Install a whole home air filtration system to remove allergens, particles and chemicals from the ambient air or opt for a portable room air purifier in the room(s) you spend most time in (like the bedroom). Keep in mind that these air purifiers need to be equipped with granular activated carbon filters and HEPA to remove the widest range of contaminants. AllerAir also offers UV germicidal filtration for enhanced protection from live contaminants such as mold, bacteria and viruses.
  • Opt for air purifying plants: Some houseplants such as ivy and gerbera daisies have been shown to remove VOCs from the air as well.

Prevent mold growth
  • Avoid trapping a lot of moisture and humidity inside, which can lead to active mold growth. 
  • Make sure you are venting bathrooms and clothes dryers and use an exhaust fan while cooking.
  • Keep the indoor humidity levels at 50 percent or below and use a dehumidifier, if needed.

Set up IAQ-friendly routines
  • Test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and change batteries every time the clocks are reset
  • Change your HVAC filters regularly
  • Keep dust and pollen levels down by cleaning and wet mopping regularly
Source: Creston News Advisor

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