Tuesday, August 05, 2008

VOG HELP LINES; Get answers to your air quality questions

The Hawai‘i State Department of Health has introduced a Hawai‘i Volcano Helpline where the public (tourists included) can obtain up-to-date information on vog and volcanic emissions. The public is encouraged to call the Helpline at the toll-free number 1-866- 767-5044.

AllerAir Air Quality Experts are also available at 1-888-852-8247 and by e-mail via
http://www.allerair.com/ to answer any questions on indoor air quality or offer customized recommendations on air cleaners suitable for VOG and sulfur dioxide. We have a wide range of air cleaners for the home, office, hotels and industrial facilities. Our units feature a special VOG carbon blend in an extra-deep bed to target the gaseous components specific to volcanic by-products, as well as medical-grade HEPA filtration for fine airborne particles. We are the industry leaders in specialized air cleaners for chemicals, gases and odors! Call us today.

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