Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Air Quality: More Than an Olympic Problem

With the 2008 Summer Olympics fast approaching, athletes arriving by the hour in Beijing, and event organizers scrambling to put the finishing touches on one of the most-talked-about events of the year, one issue still continues to haunt the event: air quality.

Daily reports are publicized, detailing the varying quality of Beijing air quality, and the effects it has on the Olympic athletes, and their performances.

Air quality has become a hot topic. Indeed it is a topic that AllerAir Industries has been talking about long before the 2008 Summer Olympics. Since 1996, when Sam Teitelbaum, President of the private company, first set out to create an affordable indoor air purifier, the team at AllerAir has been addressing many of the health issues that are surfacing at this year’s Olympics.

“The concern over the outdoor air quality in Beijing is most certainly warranted,” said Sam. “The curious part is why few have these same concerns right here in Canada, and why there is still less concern over the quality of our indoor air, since this is where we spend most of our time.”

In fact, indoor air quality can be up to 100 times worse than the polluted air outdoors, and has long been associated with increased allergies, respiratory difficulties, and other symptoms.

The air quality experts at AllerAir have created a full line of products that are providing people with a defense to odors, particles, chemicals, organic materials, and microbiological viruses—and giving back cleaner, healthier air.

Find out where these impurities come from, the health risks they can cause, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

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  1. Hopefully the Beijing Olympics will put air quality in the spotlight - as it should be!