Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Texas Seized in Air Quality Alert

High ozone levels and high temperatures are affecting an area stretching from Dallas and Fort Worth to the Tyler-Marshall area in Texas, where residents have been affected with an air quality alert for a second day in a row.

Air Quality Experts are urging residents, especially those with breathing problems, to remain indoors with air conditioning, and to incorporate an air cleaner into their homes.

“There have been air quality alerts across the United States, and on days when there isn’t an official alert, the air quality can still be disconcerting,” said Air Quality Expert, Karen Hand, B. Chem., from AllerAir. “Air purifiers are quickly becoming the new standard in homes—- but are especially important during air quality alerts.”

AllerAir Industries has developed a full line of air purifiers, with specific cleaners designed to combat high ozone levels. For more information on air purification and clean indoor air, visit or contact an AllerAir Air Quality Expert at 888-852 8247.

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