Monday, August 25, 2008

Air Quality Experts Warn Against the Dangers of Mold Caused by Flooding in St. Leonard and Anjou

The flash flooding that occurred in St. Leonard and Anjou, Quebec in early August have Indoor Air Quality Experts at AllerAir Industries, warning homeowners and business owners that there can be serious health effects from mold caused by water damage.

“Home and business owners in St. Leonard and Anjou have no doubt worked towards cleaning up the debris and damage caused by the east-end flooding in early August, but much of the real danger of mold can remain hidden,” said Indoor Air Quality Expert, Karen Hand, B. Chem. Eng. “I have been involved in numerous situations where families were unwittingly living in mold-infested homes, and wondering why they were suffering from medical complications.”

The Indoor Air Experts at AllerAir warn homeowners in St. Leonard and Anjou that molds can cause serious structural damage to homes, as well as health problems.

“We’re recommending specific air purifiers with deep carbon beds for homes affected by flooding—units that ensure thorough chemical absorption,” said Hand. “If you have a HEPA-only air purifier, this is not going to safeguard your family from the dangers of mold.”

Residents and business owners affected by the floods in St. Leonard and Anjou are invited to call (888) 852 8247 to speak to an Indoor Air Expert at AllerAir for a free consultation on choosing an appropriate air purifier for mold.

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