Thursday, August 14, 2008

Air Purifiers for MCS and Severe Allergy Sufferers

New Customizable Air Purifiers for MCS and Severe Allergy Sufferers!

New Relief for MCS and Severe Allergy Sufferers

AllerAir Industries is pleased to offer Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and severe allergy sufferers new relief from chemical and particle irritations, with the release of its AirMedic MCS with EcoFlowä Technology, an air purifier designed with a customizable carbon blend to provide users with the cleanest indoor air.

“One of the biggest challenges for MCS sufferers is finding an air purifier that does not worsen their symptoms because they are sensitive to the unit itself,” said Sam Teitelbaum, President of AllerAir. “The AirMedic MCS is customizable with up to five different carbons, depending on the sensitivities of each individual, and is designed with materials that do not emit troublesome off-gases.”

To customize each unit, a test kit is first provided to each user to determine which of the five carbons is best suited for their specific sensitivities.

“MCS sufferers need a carbon filter in their air purifier—a HEPA filter simply won’t work,” said Mr. Teitelbaum. “Finding the right carbon is the key to giving MCS sufferers a better quality of life. This is what sets the AirMedic MCS apart from other air purifiers on the market.”

Many MCS sufferers are also sensitive to electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions, so the AirMedic MCS unique design includes a shielded cable, a special feature that virtually eliminates all EMF emissions from the actual cable.

The AirMedic MCS is designed without the use of bonding agents, which can also trigger significant reactions. Other features include a sealed motor, powder-coated carbon canister, a 100% metal casing, and an organic cotton pre-filter. These unique features further contribute to the unit’s inert design.

AllerAir is a manufacturer of advanced residential, commercial and industrial air purification systems who specialize in chemical, gas, odor and particle abatement. Their products are currently being used by hospitals, police departments, the military and thousands of North American families. For more information on the AirMedic MCS unit, please visit

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