Friday, April 13, 2012

Opt for masks to reduce personal exposure to air pollution

Masks can filter out fine particles,
but not gases or chemicals.
According to a new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives, face masks can help protect people with coronary heart disease (CHD) from the risks of air pollution.

The study was conducted in Beijing, China, and found that heart disease symptoms and blood pressure were reduced when older men and women with CHD wore masks while walking around the city.

The masks help protect people by filtering out harmful fine and ultra-fine particles coming from urban traffic pollution.

The findings show that individual actions, such as wearing a face mask, can lessen some of the symptoms of those susceptible to urban air pollution.

Urban traffic, industry and other sources release both gases and particles into the air.

This mix of outdoor air pollutants has been linked to cardiovascular disease and a higher risk of death, and continued exposure can also raise people’s blood pressure.

The study involved almost 100 participants who were monitored over two 24-hour periods. On one of the days they wore a face mask.

Source: Environmental Health News

Breathe better air at home with air purifiers

While wearing a mask outside may help alleviate some of the risks associated with air pollution, harmful gases and particles as well as other contaminants may still affect people in their own homes.

In fact, these pollutants can build up to dangerously high levels indoors that cannot be mitigated with general ventilation systems.

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The AllerAir air purifiers feature a deep-bed activated carbon filter for gaseous pollutants, a HEPA filter for particles and optional UV germicidal filtration for biological contaminants.

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