Friday, April 20, 2012

Healthy lifestyle? You’re still exposed to toxins

Even with the best intentions, our living space
may expose us to harmful toxins.
When it comes to our exposure to chemicals and toxins, we can make certain choices to be healthier – but even with the best intentions it is pretty much impossible to live a toxic-free life.

Great starting points are
  • Eating organic foods
  • Avoiding compressed wood furniture in the home that off-gas formaldehyde
  • Opting for natural materials like stone, ceramic tile and granite instead of plastic laminates and vinyl
  • Using natural cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda instead of harsh store-bought cleaners
  • Banning smoking and pesticides
  • Curbing the use of perfumes and chemical-laden personal care products
  • Picking eco-friendly and low-VOC paints and materials when renovating
  • Drinking filtered water
  • Etc.

But unless you have unlimited funds and a never-ending thirst for more information and the willingness to make changes in your life, chances are you will still be exposed to some chemicals and volatile organic compounds.

Only a small number of people can build their own home according to their non-toxic requirements, the majority lives in homes that were built with materials that can off-gas VOCs and chemicals, including oil and latex paints, varnishes, caulking and so on.

Your electronic equipment and printers with toners and ink cartridges may be culprits, and certain products in the garage or shed: bike chain cleaner, car maintenance products, …

Even if you can’t smell anything inside the home, a blood, urine and/or hair test will likely reveal some surprises in toxin levels.

Source: NOW

So, what’s a toxin-conscious human being to do?

Keep using the most natural and green products and materials whenever you can, make sure the home is well ventilated, humidity levels under control and the air is kept clean no matter what.
Air purifiers with carbon and HEPA
can remove chemicals and particles.

A portable and powerful air purifier from AllerAir can help clean the air 24/7, by drawing it through the most effective air filters on the market: A deep-bed activated carbon filter and a medical-grade HEPA filter as well as optional UV germicidal filtration.

AllerAir’s popular base model 5000 Exec and the AirMedic Series can rid the air of chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, particles, dust, mold, viruses and bacteria.

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