Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Experts warn of higher risk of wildfires this spring

Wildfires can quickly get out of hand.
Forest regions all across North America may be at a higher risk of fires as the climate warms, experts say.

Early spring is a particularly dangerous time in many areas, even in those that typically have a pretty low risk (including Vermont and nearby forest regions), since the snow and ice have melted, but new greenery has not yet come in to provide a dampening effect on the ground.

The exposed dried grasses and other vegetation can easily ignite and get out of hand, especially if the conditions have been atypically dry and if there are winds.

Some farmers are used to controlled burns to prepare fields etc, but these can also quickly spread. April used to be the worst month for wildfires, but with rising temperatures March has become the new time to be extra vigilant.

In our age of connectivity, at least many wildfires are reported early, so they cannot spread without anyone noticing.

Experts are asking people in these areas to follow these tips for reducing the risks:

  • Don’t burn trash
  • Never start fires without a burn permit (if applicable)
  • For burning of yard trimmings, brush and organic material, surround burn pile with dirt or gravel and do not place them near structures, vehicles, power lines or heavy equipment.
  • Keep water nearby
  • Stay with the fire until it is out
  • Keep grass around houses and buildings mowed to help reduce risk of brush fires
Source: Burlington Free Press

Protect your indoor air from wildfire pollution

Whether it’s in your area or somewhere else, wildfire season can become an indoor air hazard for many homes, since fire particles and other toxins tend to travel long distances.

Outdoor pollutants often find a way indoors, where they can build up over time and affect people’s health and well-being.

A high-quality air purifier with the right air filters can help reduce those particles and toxins and keep the air clean and healthy.

AllerAir has designed air purifiers for smoke, which contain a deep-bed activated carbon filter for smoke odors and chemicals, a HEPA filter for particles and dust and a tar-trapping pre-filter to prolong the other filters’ lifespan.

Recommended air purifiers:

  • AllerAir’s AirMedic Exec with an 18 lb. carbon filter and a medical-grade HEPA as well as superior particle protection with a 360-degree air intake
  • AllerAir’s 5000 DS, one of the most proficient air purifiers with a 24 lb. carbon filter and a medical-grade HEPA as well as a tar-trapping pre-filter

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