Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oahu, Hawaii Bathed in Vog; Air Quality Plummets

For a second day in a row, Oahu has been bathed in volcanic smog, or vog, causing the air quality in the area to plummet. Once thought only to be a problem for the Big Island, vog has now become a nuisance for local Oahu residents and visitors.

Indoor Air Quality Experts agree with state health officials who say that short-term reactions to vog may make it difficult for people with respiratory conditions to breathe.

“Without a doubt, residents of Oahu are going to notice a big difference in their air quality,” said Indoor Air Quality Expert, Gershon Katz. “We knew when air purifier sales in the Big Island sky rocketed that vog had become a critical problem. We have a feeling that many Oahu residents will be looking for this same relief very soon.”

AllerAir Industries, an air cleaner manufacturer, has responded to this specific demand by creating the 5000 VOG, an air purifier designed specifically to protect people from the dangers of vog exposure. For information on these air purifiers, call 888-852-8247.

Volcanic smog is formed when sulfur dioxide and other pollutants from an active volcano react with oxygen, moisture, dust and sunlight. This creates a dangerous mix of airborne chemicals, gases, odors, fine particles and toxic metals that can penetrate deep into the lungs and irritate the tissues and mucus membranes of the eyes, nose and throat.

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