Monday, September 08, 2008

Knoxville, Tennessee Deemed Asthma Capital of the World; Poor Air Quality to Blame

According to a 2008 Asthma and Allergy Foundation report, Knoxville is the asthma capital of the world—- due in great measure to the poor air quality in East Tennessee. Ozone and particulate matter are the two greatest contributors to air pollution in the area.

Mark Wenzler, the director of clean air and climate programs with the National Parks Conservation Association told that people should pay close attention to air-quality alerts because “even healthy people could be impacted due to ozone”.

The Indoor Air Quality Experts at AllerAir agree with Wenzler, adding: “People who seek refuge indoors, especially in places like Knoxville, where pollution is very high, often don’t realize that indoor air is often times much worse than outdoor air,” said Karen Hand, an IAQ specialist with the company. “We have many customers in East Tennessee, and our recommendation is always the same: get an air purifier for your home—- it will make a world of difference, especially to asthma sufferers.”

To speak with an Indoor Air Quality Expert at AllerAir, you can call toll free at 888 852 8247 for a no-obligation consultation.

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