Friday, September 05, 2008

27 of Ohio’s Counties Below Federal Air Quality Standard

The State of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has a proposed plan to bring its counties into compliance with the federal air quality standard for particulate matter. Meanwhile, 27 Ohio counties remain below acceptable standards.

The plan contains national, state and local controls to improve air quality, including: lower emissions from coal-burning power plants, additional controls on diesel-powered vehicles and enforcement efforts.

To address the tiny particles (about 1/30th the diameter of a human hair) that lodge deep in human lungs, Air Quality Experts are recommending Ohio residents, especially those in the affected Ohio areas (Cleveland-Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton-Springfield, Canton, Steubenville-Weirton, Marietta, Wheeling, Huntingong-Ashland), incorporate air purifiers into their homes.

Ohio residents are invited to speak with one of AllerAir’s Indoor Air Quality Expert at 888-852-8247.

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