Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cook, DuPage and 12 Other Illinois Counties Below EPA Air Quality Standard

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 14 Illinois counties, including Cook and DuPage, do not meet air quality standards for fine particles, more commonly referred to as soot.

Exposure to soot can be associated with heart or lung disease and premature death, according to the EPA. The particles can also lead to bronchitis, asthma attacks, heart attacks and other ailments.

The Indoor Air Quality Experts (IAQ) at AllerAir agree that fine particles are extremely dangerous, and are recommending that the Illinois counties that are below EPA air quality standards incorporate air purifiers into their homes and businesses.

Air purifiers are becoming the standard in relatively healthy homes across North America, but they are an absolute must in states like Illinois where the air in many of the counties is simply unfit to breathe. This is going to be especially important for children, the elderly and people with respiratory difficulties.

To speak with an Indoor Air Quality Expert about the dangers of fine particles, common indoor air pollutants or the benefits of an air purifier, call AllerAir toll free at 888.852.8247.

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