Monday, June 18, 2012

Rainfalls can lead to mold and health problems

Extreme weather events and heavy rains can lead
to mold growth in homes, experts warn.
When heavy rain moves through regions, homeowners need to watch out for water infiltration, which unchecked could lead to mold and health concerns, experts warn.

Allergy and immunology experts say that rainfalls and other extreme weather conditions may turn even small leaks into significant health risks, if mold starts to grow.

Rain can hit clogged gutters, back up under eaves and drip into the home, water can get under crawl spaces or enter a home through tiny leaks that a homeowner may not be aware of or may not have gotten around to fixing.

The water infiltration can lead to structural problems in the home and to mold, which can lead to wheezing and aggravated asthma symptoms as well as nose and throat problems or other allergic-type reactions.

The mold can grow behind walls or in areas that are hidden from view, exposing the home’s residents to spores and mycotoxins.

After heavy rains and other weather events, homeowners should inspect the home and fix any water infiltration problems immediately to prevent mold from growing.

Source: The Augusta Chronicle

Air purifiers for mold can help provide cleaner air

Indoor air quality can be a concern at any time, but once mold becomes an issue, it can quickly turn into a source of irritants and pollutants.

AllerAir has developed air purifiers specifically for mold, which feature
  • A deep-bed activated carbon filter for mycotoxins and odors associated with many molds
  • A HEPA filter to trap mold spores and particles
  • Pre-filters 
  • Optional UV germicidal filtration, which neutralizes mold spores and other biological contaminants
The air purifiers remove not only mold spores and toxins, but also airborne chemicals, gases, odors, particles, dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses.
"In the year 2000 I was diagnosed with multiple allergies (including molds), as well being chemically sensitive. As I suspected mold in my basement, my specialist recommended an air purifier from AllerAir. I placed my unit in my basement, and within 24 hours the moldy, musty smell had disappeared! I was so happy with your product, I purchased a second unit for my bedroom! I believe these air purifiers have improved the air quality in my home."
A. Morton, St. Thomas, Ontario
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