Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Moving? Watch out for toxic substances

Moving can be stressful and involve harmful toxins.
Moving can be exciting – but it can also be fraught with potentially hazardous materials.

With all the packing, dumping and sorting comes a new set of challenges:

Particles and dust
Even with the most vigorous cleaning regimen, large dust bunnies and particulate matter will gather underneath large pieces of furniture and in hard-to-reach corners. Disturbing them may send a large amount of fine particles into the air, which can aggravate allergies and asthma or cause respiratory symptoms such as sneezing and nose irritation.

Mystery substances
Unless the new space is brand new, chances are previous owners left some things behind. In the case of unmarked bottles or containers with mystery liquids, new homeowners should be extra vigilant to avoid accidental poisonings or toxic exposures. Bring all such containers to a hazardous household waste dump, if possible.

Cleaning products
Many movers like to scrub away all evidence of previous tenants with harsh chemicals and cleaning products, many of which can be harmful to human health. Make sure the place is well ventilated, and try to use the least toxic products possible.

Decorating / painting
Moving generally also means buying new furniture or household products and painting, as well as doing other types of renovations or maintenance projects. Many of these involve harmful chemicals or volatile organic compounds that can affect people’s health and well-being. Choose the low- or zero-VOC paints when possible and the least toxic products you can find – your indoor air quality will thank you later.

Air purifiers for cleaner air

Airborne chemicals, puzzling odors and irritating particles don’t have to become permanent house guests – remove them with a portable and powerful air purifier with activated carbon + HEPA.

AllerAir’s air purifiers for general purpose air cleaning are equipped with a deep-bed carbon filter for chemicals, gases and odors, a HEPA filter for particles and dust and optional UV lamp for mold, bacteria and viruses.

For special indoor air quality concerns, AllerAir also offers air purifiers for allergy and asthma, air purifiers for tobacco smoke, air purifiers for mold and air purifiers for odor and chemical control.

Contact AllerAir for more information and personalized recommendations, or consult the model sizing and selection guide.

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