Friday, June 29, 2012

Household risks: Stain repellents linked to liver damage

Researchers link stain repellent chemicals to
liver damage and possible liver disease.
High levels of two stain-resistant chemicals in the blood of adults living near a chemical plant indicated enzyme activity that could lead to liver damage and liver disease, a study found.

The study involved 47,000 people from West Virginia’s Mid-Ohio Valley and examined their exposure to perfluorinated acids PFOA and PFOS, chemicals that are used to make cookware, food packaging and fabrics. They are often used to make the materials resistant to stains and water.

The study results confirm findings of studies that involved lab animals and chemical plant workers, finding clear links between the blood levels of the chemicals and an enzyme’s activity among water districts, individuals and within the population.

While most household products only contain low levels of PFOA and PFOS, the chemicals are often formed when other fluorinated chemicals degrade in the atmosphere or break down in the body.

Almost all Americans have low levels of PFOA and PFOS in their blood. Exposure occurs through drinking water, ingesting food and inhaling dust and air.

Source: Environmental Health News

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