Thursday, July 07, 2011

Phoenix, Arizona Dust Storm: Check all your home and vehicle air filters ASAP

AllerAir HEPA filter
 Now that the dust has settled in Arizona, it's very important to verify and potentially replace all of your home and vehicle air filters.

If you're lucky enough to have a high efficiency HEPA air purifier in your home, it may have trapped the dust the potentially dangerous soil spores that could lead to "valley fever".  The condition is caused by inhaling spores of a fungus which grows in the soil in the Southwest. The spores become airborne when stirred by wind and can cause a wide range of symptoms like fatigue, fever, coughs and muscle and joint aches. At AllerAir, we recommend that customers replace all pre-filters and HEPA filers in their units. Some dust may become airborne when removing heavily soiled filters, so we advise using a face mask. E-mail us to order your AllerAir replacement filters or contact your dealer. You may also order filters from the parts and accessories tab located with your specific model.

Air Conditioners and HVAC systems
Replacing these filters is not only essential, it will save you money. Even a slightly dirty filter may increase your AC bill by 5 to 10%. If you have a forced air system with ducting, you may also want to consider having your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Car Filters
The air filter in your car cleans the air before it comes into your engine. A filthy air filter will actually affect your vehicle's performance.

Vacuum HEPA filters
If you don't have a HEPA vacuum, now may be the time to buy one. A HEPA vacuum actually traps the dust you pick up, while other vacuums may leak dust particles back into the air. If you've already given your home a good vacuuming following the storm, replace your filter.


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