Thursday, June 30, 2011

Q&A: Air cleaners for volcanic smog (VOG)

Volcanic smog can pose serious
health risks.
Q: Do you have air cleaners specifically designed for the pollutants in volcanic smog?

A: With serious volcanic eruptions disrupting the lives of residents in Chile, Iceland, Hawaii and other regions, AllerAir has been receiving inquiries about air purifiers for volcanic smog.

Volcanic eruptions release noxious sulfur dioxide gas and other pollutants into the atmosphere, which react with the oxygen and atmospheric moisture to produce volcanic smog (VOG) and acid rain.

Far from simply affecting flight traffic, billowing ash clouds can pose serious health risks for the people living in the affected regions.

Health effects of volcanic smog

VOG has been shown to aggravate pre-existing respiratory ailments, while acid rain can damage crops and leach lead into household water supplies.

People living in areas downwind of active volcanoes have complained about a wide range of health effects, including skin irritation and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat.

VOG consists of gases as well as tiny liquid and solid particles. It is composed of sulfuric acid and other sulfate compounds and it can also contain toxic metals.

Sulfur dioxide (SO2, the main component of VOG) is a poisonous gas that can penetrate deeply into the airway and cause respiratory distress in some individuals.

The tiny aerosol particles in volcanic smog can also penetrate deeply into the lungs and irritate the tissue.

Source: US Geological Survey (USGS)

Air cleaners for VOG

AllerAir’s air purifiers for VOG help to remove the dangerous airborne chemicals, gases and particles associated with VOG.

The specially designed air cleaners feature a custom blend of deep-bed activated carbon for enhanced adsorption of noxious chemicals and gases, as well as a medical grade HEPA or Super-HEPA for the removal of fine particles.

Suggested air purifiers from AllerAir include

Contact AllerAir for more information and additional options.

Note: Always follow public advisories and evacuation orders. 

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