Friday, July 22, 2011

Harsh summer allergy season? Blame spring

An air purifier can bring relief to those
suffering from allergies.
If you are suffering from bad allergies this summer, it's probably because of a late, wet spring.

Allergists said grass and weeds can be the culprit for allergies during the summer months.

People allergic to said grass and weeds have said the past few months have been miserable. Many report waking up with runny noses and are constantly sneezing.

“We did have a really wet winter and late spring so it seems when the pollens are playing catchup, we seem to have a stronger season because they are more intense," said allergy specialist Steven Kernerman in a NWCN report in Spokane.

The spring rain grew grass tall, which fuels pollen sources. It also shortened the pollinating season.

That means plants are making up for a shorter time to pollinate and now doing so at a higher concentration - and summer allergies can be more pronounced.

Allergies and better indoor air quality

Poor indoor air quality can aggravate or cause allergy symptoms.

AllerAir has designed air purifiers for those affected by allergies and asthma. The AirMedic and AirMedic+ Series are uniquely engineered to provide exceptional chemical and odor filtration as well as superior particle and pollen control.

The air purifiers feature a 360-degree air intake system and sealed filters to maximize efficiency.

"I've been on allergy medication for years and nothing was working. My doctor recommended AllerAir, so I purchased two for my home and now wake up with a clear nose. My husband says that I don't snore as loudly either. AllerAir has improved our quality of life!"
Debra H.

Create a "safe zone" in the bedroom or in any space you frequent often to get some relief from allergens.  Contact AllerAir today for more information.

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