Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cigar Smoker? This Black Friday Deal is for You...or Your Wife...

Tired of getting grief over your smoking? Get free shipping on the best air purifiers for cigar smoke and odor until 5pm on Friday, Nov. 23rd.*

The odor busting technology used by AllerAir is the same activated carbon filtration used in military gas masks and heavy industry to treat the world's toughest chemicals and odors. This unit works where others have failed! Read our testimonials page!

This Black Friday deal is for all black units including smoke air purifiers in the popular 5000 DS, 6000 DS and heavy-duty 5000 DXS and 6000 DXS models.

Mention promo code: BKB2012

*Contiguous US/CAN. End users only. Orders must be placed by 5pm (Eastern) on November 23, 2012.Black units only. Can be applied to multiple unit orders.

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