Thursday, October 04, 2012

Air Purifier Deals: Buyer Beware

Air purifier deals are much harder to come by than most home appliances. Unlike products such as stoves, fridges and televisions, air purifier manufacturers don’t usually release new models annually or make significant changes to their design or technologies. That means they really don’t need to liquidate units. In general, if you find a deeply discounted air purifier online you may want to check into why the price is so low. Here are a few things to consider before falling for an air purifier deal that may be too good to be true. 

The Air Purifier Industry is Not Regulated
There are no official industry standards in air purification. Although you may see something called CADR (clean air delivery rate) when researching air purifier deals, these standards are not applicable to some technologies including more advanced air cleaners that use large carbon filters for chemicals, gases and odors. So, if you find a really hot air purifier deal, first examine the type of technology used. Are you getting an overpriced fan or something that will truly clean the air? Most air purifiers that really work will not come cheap. To remove airborne dust, chemicals and odors look for an air purifier with a HEPA filter and a deep-bed activated carbon filter

Size Matters
Another point to consider if you come across a cheap air purifier is size. A low priced, small air cleaner that can sit on a desk may seem like a good deal initially, but it won’t have the capability to clean more than a few feet around the unit. Some smaller units also use controversial ionizing or ozone technologies that may produce dangerous ozone gas.  

Is it Refurbished?
Imagine buying a used mop. Sure it may be a dirt cheap deal, but you’d be bringing someone else’s dust and germs into your home. The same may be true for a used or refurbished air purifier. The moment it’s shipped to someone’s home and turned on even for a few minutes, the filters have already removed dust, skin particles, hair, chemicals, odors and germs from the air. That’s why most quality air purifier companies will charge a restocking fee for returned products – because the filters must be thrown out and they lose money on the return. Trust-worthy manufacturers will never turnaround and resell a returned air purifier as is. 

Who is the Seller?
Probably the most important aspect to examine when double-checking an air cleaner deal is the seller or dealer. Be sure the vendor is “authorized”. This guarantees that the seller or dealer has an official relationship with the manufacturer. This will also protect the integrity of the unit’s warranty. 

The Real Deal
Sometimes getting what you paid for is really the best deal of all. Choosing a quality product over a rock bottom price will likely result in a better buying experience and cleaner air. For more advice on affordable air cleaners chat live with an air quality expert at


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