Friday, May 11, 2012

VIDEO: Limitations make it difficult for EPA to move on flame retardants

Michael Hawthorne, the author of some in-depth articles about toxic chemicals in our environment that were recently published in the Chicago Tribune, explains in this video why there is so little progress in terms of regulation.

Chemicals and flame retardants can come from many
sources in the home, furniture and household products.
The EPA has limited powers to regulate chemicals in the first place and the agency has to prove a chemical is unsafe (rather than the manufacturer having to prove it is safe), which is why a lot of chemicals enter the market without being adequately tested.

This is concerning because scientists keep finding "mystery" chemicals in the environment and in people's blood or bodies and it is sometimes only by luck that they find out where they come from.

A lot of flame retardant chemicals are allowed to enter the market without a thorough study of health risks, he says and the government seems to be divided when it comes to these issues.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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