Thursday, May 03, 2012

May is MCS Awareness Month

A growing number of people are suffering from adverse reactions to chemicals and environmental toxins

Chemical sensitivities can affect people of all races,
ages and genders, experts say.
Environmental sensitivities, or multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), affect more than 48 million men, women and children of all races, according to MCS America.

While the medical community is still divided about how to deal with this mild to disabling condition that can involve a wide range of symptoms and triggers, it is not an entirely new phenomenon.

MCS was first documented in the 1950s by allergist Dr. Theron Randolph, who had a patient with adverse reactions to the petrochemicals in the Chicago area environment.

Environmental sensitivities often develop after a chemical injury or prolonged exposure to even small amounts of chemicals, and commonly cited culprits include pesticides, solvents, smoke, scented products and even toxic mold.

The entire month of May is dedicated to raise public awareness about chemical sensitivities and chemical injury. If you would like to organize something, you can get MCS America’s event planning kit here.

You can also learn more about chemical sensitivities in a free webinar on MCS offered by Air Quality Academy.

Filtered air for MCS relief

AllerAir is no stranger to MCS and has taken special care to develop air purifiers with the most inert materials and best features to remove chemicals, gases and odors from the ambient air, as well as particles and other pollutants.

AllerAir’s MCS-friendly features include:
  • The deepest beds of activated carbon for maximum efficiency of gaseous adsorption
  • The most tolerable carbon blends, determined for each customer by a special
  • Carbon Test Kit
  • Unbleached, organic cotton pre-filters
  • Inert HEPA material that contains no binder, glue or other irritants
  • Powder-coated finish on all metal surfaces – including air purifier housing, filter caps and more
  • Possibility for negative and positive air configuration
  • Burnt-in motor to reduce new motor smells

An air purifier for MCS needs many pounds of activated carbon to remove airborne chemicals, gases and odors. AllerAir’s air purifiers can be run 24/7 on a low setting and are very effective at removing the widest range of indoor air pollutants.

For more information and recommendations, contact AllerAir today.