Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Toxic mold lawsuits may be on the rise

Mold exposure has been linked to respiratory problems.
Exposure to mold can affect many people’s health and well-being – but before now it was difficult if not impossible to hold landlords or building owners responsible.

A recent decision by a New York appeals court to overturn a lower court ruling and to allow a toxic mold lawsuit to go forward could change all that.

The new precedent could open the door for thousands of similar lawsuits.

Before now, courts ruled against these types of lawsuits based on the assumption that scientific evidence linking respiratory problems to mold exposure was questionable.

However, a growing number of scientific studies confirm that mold can cause ill-health effects, and in the case of this plaintiff, who lived above a mold-infested basement for six years and had mold growing underneath her floorboards, the evidence was sufficient to allow for the trial to go forward.

Source: Reuters

Mold – a serious indoor air quality concern

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If you are suspecting mold in your home, it’s best to do something about it sooner rather than later, before any ill-health effects show up.

Mold can be controlled if you fix water leaks and water infiltration promptly, if you control the humidity in the home and if you dry out or replace affected materials. Good ventilation and air cleaning can help as well.

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The activated carbon can remove musty odors and mycotoxins associated with mold, the HEPA filter traps mold spores and the UV lamp can also help neutralize mold spores.

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