Monday, February 20, 2012

Proposed perfume ban speaks volumes

A growing number of people are allergic to
perfumes and fragrances, experts say.
Officials seek to protect allergy sufferers from strong smells and irritants

The bill to ban public workers in New Hampshire from wearing fragrances or scented products at the workplace was shot down, but it speaks volumes about the growing problem of allergies and asthma as well as chemical sensitivities.

The proposed bill aimed to curb perfume and fragrances for workers that interact with the public, since the chemicals and toxins in perfume may lead to allergic reactions in people, including nasal congestion, sneezing and runny nose.

The bill was proposed because of a growing number of people who are sensitive to odors, a Republican leader told the Daily Mail.

However, it may not have been passed because some people consider it to be a constitutional conflict between individual rights and health effects on the occasional customer.

Up to one in 20 people suffer from a perfume allergy, which can not only result in sinus problems but also cause skin rashes, shortness of breath, nausea and dizziness.

According to doctors, people with asthma are often also chemically sensitive and could find fragrances irritating.

This includes perfumes, air fresheners and other scented products.

Source: Daily Mail

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