Friday, February 10, 2012

Is vinegar a good cleaning alternative in the home?

Homeowners can make their own
cleaners with vinegar, hot water
and  soap, expert says.
With experts sounding the alarm over harsh chemicals and toxins in commercial cleaning products, many people are turning to natural alternatives such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.

But do these products clean as well as their synthetic rivals?

According to Professor Peter Collignon, infectious disease physician at the Australian National University's Medical School, who was interviewed for a report by ABC, vinegar is a viable alternative to commercial cleaning products.

It may not be as effective as the commercial products, but vinegar is a useful disinfectant that can be used in every household, he says.

What is vinegar?

Vinegar is about 5% acetic acid, the compound that kills bacteria and viruses.

Researchers found that vinegar can kill off the flu virus, but that it won’t touch some types of salmonella that could hide on chopping boards, for example.

Vinegar is a good alternative and non-toxic cleaning agent because it forces people to keep it simple, Collignon says.

The best way for people to clean their homes is with hot soapy water and some elbow grease to get rid of organic material.

Commercial cleaning products might make it easier, but it might also be overdoing it and over-using chemicals, he says.

Source: ABC

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