Friday, December 23, 2011

The Christmas tree debate

Christmas tree - is real or fake better?
Photo by mr_wahlee
Christmas trees are nice to look at, but every season, homeowners have to make a decision whether to go the real or the fake route.

With the green movement taking roots, many people are trying to base their decision on the least impact on the environment.

Here are some facts on real and artificial Christmas trees:

Real Christmas trees
  • Freshly cut holiday greens support local farms
  • Get into the holiday spirit: make it an outing to go and pick your own tree
  • A cut tree can easily be recycled into mulch 
  • Greenest option is a potted tree which can be transplanted outdoors
  • Trees sometimes harbor mold or insect concerns

Artificial trees
  • Manufactured from artificial materials
  • Often produced and shipped from overseas facilities
  • Made with PVC plastic , which can off-gas lead, cadmium, dioxins, phthalates and other toxins
  • Can’t be safely recycled
  • Storing it for a long time can lead to dust and particle concerns

Source: Daily Journal    

Get the gift of good IAQ this year

The holiday season should be a time of cheering, not sneezing and sniffling. In many cases, improved indoor air quality can be a big factor in determining a person’s sense of health and well-being.

Most indoor environments are plagued by indoor air pollutants such as chemicals (and volatile organic compounds, or VOCs), gases, odors, bacteria, viruses, mold, particles and dust.

Apart from source control (i.e. choosing less toxic products) and good ventilation, an air purifier with activated carbon + HEPA + optional UV can help reduce the count of indoor air pollutants and help clean the air around the clock.

AllerAir offers general purpose air purifiers like the 5000 Exec as well as specialized air purifiers for IAQ concerns such as allergies and asthma, mold, MCS, tobacco smoke and more.

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