Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Toxic household products you can toss

Household cleaners may contain
toxic chemicals.
If you’re at all worried about the indoor air quality in your home, ditching chemical-laden household cleaning products could be one of your first steps to a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.

Even if you decide you need or want to keep some of the products listed below, make sure you store them safely, ideally far from those areas and rooms where family members spend most of their time.

Bleach bust
Almost half of all calls to poison control centers involve exposure to chlorine bleach in all its commonly used forms. Chemical bleach is often used to discolor, whiten or disinfect, but chlorine is a respiratory irritant that can attack mucous membranes and burn the skin. Use sparingly according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. A safer alternative may be oxygen bleach, which includes hydrogen peroxide.

Ditch the disinfectants
Antibacterial products have become so popular that experts are starting to worry about the public health effects. Overuse of disinfecting products can compromise the immune system and actually help the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. Use natural soap instead.

Down the drain
Drain cleaners are very toxic since they are designed to eat through the clogs in pipes. Try pouring a kettle full of boiling water down the drain first – this usually takes care of grease clogs.

Toxic toilet bowl
The fumes from toilet bowl cleaners can contain bleach, phosphates and petroleum-based substances. A safer option would be an enzyme-based cleaner.

Of tubs and tiles
Many bathroom cleaners for tubs and tiles contain the same toxins as the toilet bowl cleaners. Experts suggest using oxygen bleach, white vinegar and lemon juice or an enzyme-based cleaner instead.

Axe the air fresheners
Scented candles and products
contribute to poor IAQ.
Rather than freshening the air, the sprays, plug-ins and candles introduce a host of potentially harmful chemicals into the ambient air. Try7 natural soy or besswax candles, essential oils or (we have to say it) a portable air purifier with activated carbon and HEPA, which actually removes odor-causihng indoor air pollutants.

Loaded laundry detergents
Most commercial laundry detergents contain many chemicals, fragrances and VOCs that have not been tested for safety in independent researchers. Opt for the most natural, phosphate-free, biodegradable laundry detergent you can find. They do work.

Chemical floor cleaners
Experts recommend a citrus-based floor cleaner, which won’t leave toxic residues on floors that may expose family members and pets to the chemicals.

Dish-washing dilemma
Have you ever taken the time to read what is in the powders, liquids or tabs that you use in the automatic dishwasher? It’s often bleach, petroleum derivatives, phosphates, fragrances, and other toxins. Try to find a more natural alternative without the chemical additions.

Gleaming glass cleaner
Warm water and vinegar are a great choice when it comes to glass cleaning, instead of toxic ammonia or other household cleaners. More natural, plant-based cleaners will also get the job done without adding harmful byproducts.

In any area of the house that needs cleaning, try to learn as much as possible about the products that you’re using and what safe alternatives may be available.

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