Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Indoor Air Pollution Especially Dangerous for People with COPD

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, outdoor and indoor air pollution is especially dangerous to people with lung deficiencies, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Here are some tips designed to help people with COPD to breathe better:

1. Smoke is one of the most dangerous pollutants that a person with COPD can inhale, and it’s also the major cause of COPD. There are over 4,000 harmful chemicals in smoke, many of which are also known to cause cancer. If you have COPD and you are a smoker, it’s still not too late to quit smoking.

2. Second-hand smoke, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada is also dangerous. People with COPD should avoid second-hand smoke as much as possible.

3. Indoor and outdoor air pollution can cause health problems, especially for people who have lung diseases. Those with COPD have a higher risk of getting sick from air pollution. Be aware of your local Air Quality Index, and stay indoors when outdoor pollution is high.

Keep in mind, indoor air is often worse than outdoor air. The EPA estimates inside air can be 5, 10 and up to 100 times worse than outdoor air. Make sure you’re getting lots of fresh air in your home.

4. Air purifiers are a great way to provide safe, clean air in your home or business. Ideally, your air purifier will combine a HEPA filter as well as pounds of activated carbon to safely eliminate chemicals, gases, odors and particles from your indoor environment.

For more information on the importance of breathing clean air, or how air purifiers can help people with COPD, please visit www.allerair.com or contact one of AllerAir’s Indoor Air Quality Experts at 1.888.852.8247.

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