Monday, March 07, 2005

Welcome to the indoor air quality super blog!

Good Morning Bloggers!

Welcome to the space where the air is clean -- where your homes and offices are free of nasty airborne chemicals – where dust, pollen and pet dander disintegrate with the swishing of my magic wand ! Ah…wouldn’t that be great? Unfortunately, it's just not possible in today’s world and that’s why we’re here. We’ve created this bog as a way to tap into the expertise and knowledge (and biting wit) of our amazing staff to bring you all sorts of tidbits on indoor air quality.

As one of the latest additions to the AllerAir team, I’m frankly overwhelmed with all I’ve learned about what we’re breathing, every minute, of every day. Trust me – it’s scary. I’m finding it hard to believe that as North Americans we’re not screaming from the roof-tops, demanding that our air quality be a major priority. In the last few months, I’ve found myself reevaluating everything --- from how often I use my fireplace to what products I clean with. In fact, I’ve turned into the Cliff Claven of air facts – I’m a blast at parties…: “Do you know that your new furniture is off-gassing chemicals?” “Do you know that your indoor air is, like, 100 times more polluted that the air outside” “Do you know that poor air quality can be making you sick?” --- ok so it’s all bit depressing. But knowledge is power. Know what you’re up against and you can take steps to change it. That’s why this blog is so important. Read, learn, act…nothing is as important as your health and happiness.

Stay tuned !

Marketing Department,
AllerAir Industries