Tuesday, March 01, 2005

AllerAir Industries

AllerAir is dedicated to offering you the safest, most effective air cleaning technology available today.

Our Company
AllerAir was established 14 years ago after President Sam Teitelbaum’s wife developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Finding that no air purifier on the market provided safe and effective relief, he decided to develop his own product, one which would prove to be the most effective and cost efficient air purifier available. Along with partner Wayne Martin, and a committed team of employees and investors, AllerAir has now developed over 100 models to meet any air purification need --- more models, in fact, than any other manufacturer.

A Growing Reputation
With offices in the U.S.A, Canada and Italy, AllerAir air purifiers are becoming the standard by which other products are judged. Today our air purifiers and cleaners are used by prominent leaders in business, industry and public service, like the Mayo Clinic, IBM, and the U.S. Army. AllerAir has also become the trusted name in air purification for countless contractors and many thousands of people who suffer from respiratory distress.

Our Filtration System: True HEPA and MAC-B ™
What makes AllerAir filtration technology so unique and effective is the combination of our true HEPA filter with a MAC-B™ (mass activated carbon bed) filter which features many pounds of activated carbon. Together these filters trap 99.97% of all airborne particles and adsorbs chemicals, gases and odors. Most mass-market air cleaners can only trap particles and have no more than a few token ounces or grams of carbon. AllerAir’s MAC-B™ filters contain pounds of carbon to safely and effectively remove these dangerous substances from the air.

The Safest, Most Recommended Air Cleaning Technology Available
AllerAir equipment is efficient, flexible, practical and cost effective; the safest and best air cleaning technology available.

A Range of Air Purifiers to Deal with any Indoor Air Contamination Problem
Our products range from small portable units to large cabinet models. We serve commercial, industrial, institutional, medical and residential needs. The same expert technology, superior quality and dedication go into every air cleaner we produce.

Consult Our Experts
We care about cleaning the air you breathe. Our air quality experts are always available to offer advice and help customize a purifier to meet your needs. Call us toll free:


Research and Innovation
Our team will continue to lead the way forward with research and innovation
to bring the benefits of clean indoor air to more and more satisfied consumers.

Because we care.