Sunday, September 20, 2015

AllerAir Reviews: "No question the machine I bought has improved my allergies" Thanks Reddit made our day!

We found this great AllerAir review on Reddit...
Thanks! You made our day!

I'm a terrible sleeper and have bad allergies. My wife bought a Walmart room air purifier (cheap piece of %#$@) and I noticed that I would sleep through a lot of noises like my daughter, lawn mowers, motorcycles being started up, etc. It also helped my allergies somewhat. When it died I noticed that because I am such a crappy sleeper I HAD to get another one and I had an inkling that it was helping my allergies more than I thought. I did my research and bought something from My style is: when doing something do it right, so I bought an expensive one. The multiple speeds control the sound it gives off and I absolutely love it. Like I said in the original post, NOTHING wakes me up. I now only have one sleep problem and that is getting to sleep. As far as allergies goes, there is absolutely no question the machine I bought has improved my allergies and my wife loves it too because our room/bathroom/closet where the laundry hamper is, never smells. She also became addicted to the white noise and is a huge fan. Anyway, sorry for long post.
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