Friday, December 28, 2012

FAQ: Air Purifiers for Odor Control and Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke That Really Work

Have you tried numerous cleaners, fresheners, sprays ---even air purifiers to get rid of smoke odor only to be disappointed with the poor results? Smoke is easily one of the most stubborn odor problems that will often persist even in the presence of the most expensive HEPA air purifiers. That’s because HEPA air purifiers are designed to remove solid particles which account for only a small part of the composition of second-hand smoke. The most extensive by-products of smoking are gases and chemical vapours. 
Why Smoke Poses a Significant Challenge for Traditional Air Purifiers
Over 4,000 different chemicals have been identified in second-hand smoke.  Solid particles make up about 10 percent of the composition of tobacco smoke and include "tar" and nicotine. These particles are sticky and tend to clog traditional mass-market air purifiers. Gases and chemicals make up about 90 percent of tobacco smoke and include carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and ammonia. These dangerous and complex gases cannot be trapped by a dust filter, even a high efficiency filter like HEPA. Therefore, to successfully reduce the concentration of second-hand smoke and odor the most effective air purifiers must have multiple levels of filtration including an industrial strength filter for heavy chemical and odor control.

Air Purifiers with Activated Carbon
The most widely used filtration method for chemicals, gases and odors is activated carbon. It was first developed by military researchers for use in gases masks and is now used extensively in industrial air and water purification. Activated carbon is essentially charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores and fissures. It’s in these openings that pollutants are trapped. The surface area created by the activation is so extensive that if you could spread out all of the microscopic openings found in one teaspoon of carbon, it would cover an entire football field.  In home air purifiers specifically designed for tobacco smoke, polluted air is pulled through a deep bed of granular activated carbon where the chemicals, gases and odors are permanently trapped.  

AllerAir Air Purifiers for Smoke Odor Control
Known widely as experts in chemical and odor air filtration, AllerAir manufactures industrial-strength home air purifiers that use multiple filtration methods to better control tough tobacco odor.  Polluted air first passes through a special tar-trapping particle filter. This filter helps prolong the life of the main filters by preventing the sticky airborne tar from clogging the filtration system. The air then travels though an extra-deep bed of activated carbon where chemicals, gases and odors are trapped. Finally the air passes through a micro-HEPA particle filter which removes airborne particles. This multi-stage filtration approach offers superior odor reduction and cleaner air than traditional dust-collecting air purifiers.

To learn more about AllerAir air purifiers for smoke odor or other air purifiers for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, allergies or mold contact an AllerAir air quality expert today at 1-888-852-8247 or connect via live chat or Twitter.

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