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Bill Gates to rescue the world from global warming

Bill Gates is convinced we
can't wait on governments for global change
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Everyone knows Bill Gates is the founder of the Microsoft empire, but since he has firmly entrenched himself in philanthropy, his actions have become even grander.

Mr. Gates wants to save the planet and he is funding a research project to do it.

Within one year, Gates and his team of scientists plan to release millions of tons of sulfur dioxide 80,000 feet above New Mexico.  The job of these particles is to reflect sunlight and subsequently cool down the earth.

Well, this is what the team is relying on.

Others are not so convinced.

Many scientists and environmental groups believe that by releasing these toxic particles in the air, Gates will actually cause more harm than good. 

Sulfur dioxide is considered a noxious air pollutant. Inhaling it will have widespread consequences on all living things The respiratory system will be affected and people may also have neurological impairments, eyesight and hearing problems and even damage to the heart and immune system.

Acid rain is another side effect of sulfate particles. This would impact living things both on land and in the sea. Scientists also believe that altered rain patterns will impact food supplies in tropical and subtropical zones, causing drought and famine.

But Gates is moving forward. He is convinced that if we wait on governments to make the necessary changes to carbon taxes, it will be too late.

What do you think about how Bill Gates plans to counteract global warming? Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: Natural News

How to protect yourself from sulfur dioxide

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Though there is no sure-fire way to protect yourself from these particles being released into the air, whether it is by Bill Gates or other means, there are ways to mitigate it within your home. 

Particles, chemicals and fumes are always in the air and a good course of action is to invest in an air purifier.

AllerAir’s air purifiers work to eliminate harmful toxins from your home. We can also provide a special carbon blend customized specifically for sulfur dioxide. 

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