Monday, November 14, 2011

Vendor of the Week:

It is rewarding to work with vendors that care about a healthy lifestyle, quality products and green choices.

AllerAir is fortunate to supply many such vendors and proudly presents the online eco-store as Vendor of the Week.

Based in San Francisco, California, offers
a wide range of environmentally friendly home and business products that help consumers reduce their environmental footprint and the toxicity in their home or office.

Apart from heavy duty air purifiers like AllerAir’s 5000 Exec (general purpose air cleaning) and 5000 DS (for tobacco smoke), GreenHome’s offerings include products that help consumers improve their indoor air quality:

  • Home safety tests: These include an indoor air quality test kit that focuses on particle concerns such as mold, pollen, dust, dander, bacteria and carcinogenic fibers, an EMF detector and water conservation kits. Sometimes it’s better to find out about an IAQ problem first, especially if you suspect them to affect your health and well-being. We hope they get a test kit for airborne chemicals soon, too!
  • Environmentally friendly heating and cooling products that can help keep the home warm and ventilated, including home energy conservation kits, exhaust fans and a solar-powered attic fan
  • Green and non-toxic home improvement products such as finishers and sealers, adhesives, flooring, paints and stains as well as polishes and waxes. Many dangerous fumes and VOCs come from these types of products, so it is great to see much safer alternatives here.
  • Non-toxic cleaning products: Indoor air pollution is also often tied to chemical-laden cleaning agents. Green Home has a variety of natural, enzyme-based cleaners that won’t add harmful contaminants to the indoor air.
  • Organic mattresses and futons: Department store mattresses contain chemicals and flame retardants that can off-gas into the room – the ones available on Green Home contain 100% organic fibers and natural materials.

This list could go on, of course. also offers weekly special offers, which you can find on their home page.

This week, Nov. 14-21, you get a free pack of pre-filters if you buy an AllerAir air purifier from The pack includes eight pre-filter replacements – a value of $60 - $100 (depending on the model you choose)!

AllerAir's 5000 and 6000 Series:
Air purifiers for the home & office

AllerAir’s activated carbon and HEPA filtration system plus UV (optional) makes it easy to remove the widest range of indoor air contaminants – including VOCs, chemicals, particles, dust, allergens, pollen, bacteria, viruses, mold spores and mold mycotoxins as well as persistent odors.

Happy browsing!

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