Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ask us: Chemtrails and Home Air Purifiers

We've received an increasing number of questions lately about chemtrails and our activated carbon/HEPA air purifiers:

“I’m concerned about chemtrails  in my area, but because I don’t  know the exact chemical composition,  I’m wondering - will your air cleaner s be effective on a lot of different chemicals?”

Yes, AllerAir units are an ideal choice for removing a wide range of airborne chemicals.  We use activated carbon filters (a filtration method used widely by the military and heavy industry) to adsorb airborne chemicals and offer the deepest carbon bed filters available in a home air cleaner. In fact, many of our home units have as much activated carbon as some industrial/military air cleaners. 

We have two air quality experts who are knowledgeable about chemtrails and can help recommend a unit:

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