Thursday, February 03, 2011

Compare Air Purifiers: AllerAir

AllerAir AirMedic
AllerAir Air Purifiers are renowned for their ability to effectively clean airborne chemicals, odors and particles but how do they compare to the competition?

Filtration Media
Like most air cleaners in the $500-$1200 price range AllerAir uses a high quality HEPA filter to remove airborne particles. But cleaning the air is more than just removing dust – what about chemicals and odors? 
When comparing top brands, AllerAir units feature more activated carbon than the top competitors. In fact most competing brands actually consider chemical and odor filters as an option or require you to buy their premium, specialty units. All AllerAir models offer chemical and odor control as a standard feature.
AllerAir also has 40 blends of activated carbon to better address specific chemical and odor concerns. This is significant because some types of activated carbon are more effective for organic compounds (VOCs), such as benzene, toluene and styrene and less effective on other less volatile pollutants.

HEPA filters generally last much longer than activated carbon filters. That’s why units that integrate these two filters are generally more costly to maintain as they force the user to change both filters even if only one is used up. AllerAir units have a separate pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter. Each can be changed independently only when required.

Value for the Money
Air purifiers can vary widely from brand to brand, so it’s helpful to consider overall value. AllerAir units consistently provide more filtration, more features and more options than comparable models - giving you more for your filtration dollar.   
Overall Review:  AllerAir Advantages
  • Medical-grade HEPA filtration 
  • More chemical, gas and odor filtration media 
  • Special carbon blends; more effective on specific chemical/odor problems 
  • Separate filters; only change those that need to be change
  • Great value for the money; more filtration, options and features

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  1. Yes, Before buying one air purifier, you should first compare which air purifier would be best fit within your budget and need.